Research Claims Women Who Have Less Sex May Experience Early Menopause

Mumbai : Everyone knows the benefits of sex. While calories are burnt by sex, heart remains healthy, skin remains good, while it also acts as a tonic for married life. There are so many benefits of having sex, but there are still some women, who do not pay attention to sex as much as they should. Does reducing sex really bring menopause early in women, let’s know.

Sex plays an important role in maintaining thrill in married life. Where men are quite active in this, women are equally dull. Recently, a study done on sex has revealed that women above the age of 35 are less sexually active, their menopause gets faster.

What does study say?
It has been found in the study that women who have more sex do not have menopause soon. Research has shown that women who have sex once a week are 28% less likely to have menopause than women who have sex once a month.

What causes menopause?
Research has also proved that if women above the age of 35 do not have sex, then their body starts showing signs of stopping ovulation, which causes menopause. Actually, the body gives the signal that the eggs are no longer needed for the reproduction process, so ovulation stops and menopause.

In this, a study done on 3 thousand women also revealed that during ovulation, the immunity of women becomes weak, which increases the chances of getting sick.

What should women do?
If you do not want your menopause too soon, then be sexually active. Be as active as you can, because not only will it keep you away from menopause, but will also keep you healthy. So enjoy your sex life to stay fit air healthy.

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