Sex Education : Common Mistakes that Men Make During Sex

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Mumbai : Most men feel that their sex life is perfect and there is no problem or problem in it. According to the survey, most men are not as good lovers as they think themselves. Even men inadvertently make mistakes during basic sex, which turns off the partner’s mood. In this article, learn about the mistakes made by men during sex. In this article, we will tell you the mistakes you make unknowingly during sex, that too in detail.

Most of the men keep quiet during sex
Men have a habit of staying silent during sex. While for a good sex it is very important that you talk dirty with your partner. Share your experiences with them. This makes the female partner feel good. If you want a healthy sexual life, then it is important to talk to your partner as much as possible before sex, so that during the conversation you can find out what she wants new in sex?

Don’t enjoy foreplay
Foreplay is very important for sex. This helps in reaching the orgasm. It is often the habit of men to hurry in sex. Whereas during sex, women desire that their partner spend more and more time in foreplay. Kissing women before sexual intercourse, touch their different body parts drives them crazy. But, men do not show much interest in foreplay. This frustrates his partner. Therefore, enjoy the foreplay as much as possible and prepare your partner for a good sex.

Worry too much for G-Spot
Do not try to hit the G-spot during sex. Just remember the same thing at that time, the more you enjoy the loving moment with your partner, the happier they will feel. Remove the idea of orgasm and G-spot from the mind and just give importance to the existing moments.

Don’t try to know desires of women
Most women complain that husbands start having sex without knowing their desire. They do not matter whether the woman’s mind is for sex or not, which is wrong. Men should know the desire of their partner before having sex and then initiate sex. At the same time, many women complain that their husbands force themselves during sex. Which is not correct. The female partner should not feel that you are coercing them. If you do something similar, don’t do it at all. As much as your desire for sex is important, so is the desire of a female partner.

Ignore the Clitoris
During those special moments, the female partner likes it if her male partner pays attention to her clitoris. You should not ignore it. More women enjoy clitoral stimulation than penetration. Just note that clitoris is a very sensitive part, so be gentle with it.

Mistakes that men make during sex –
Men often make mistakes during sex that they are not aware of. Below we are going to tell about the mistakes that men often make during sex.
Know about these mistakes :
– Many women feel uncomfortable with oral sex which is an important part of the sexual intercourse. Therefore, do not create pressure for oral sex.

– Women does not like to sleep or leave the bed immediately after sex. She always wants you to talk to her for a while.

– Some men feel that the more rough they are during sex, the more their female partner will enjoy them. Sometimes this can make them feel good, but not often. Therefore, ask their likes / dislikes before sex.

– If you want your sex partner to be happy with you, then you should take care of their whole body while having sex. Apart from the neck and thighs, there are many other body parts that bring their happiness to the top level.

– Sex is not just a means of physical intimacy, but also a means to connect emotionally and mentally with the partner. In case of sexual relations, men are more experimental than women, due to which men also make mistakes during sex. To make your partner happy, it is important to know their interest.

Hopefully you have come to know about the mistakes that men often make during sex in our article and you will avoid repeating these mistakes next time. Hope you like this article.

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