One month of Sana Khan’s wedding, Gets special gift from Husband

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Mumbai : Actress Sana Khan has been in discussion since her marriage. Ever since the actress shared a picture with her husband on social media, she has been receiving various responses. But Sana Khan has now started the new phase of her life with husband Maulana Anas Saiyed. Recently, the couple completed one month of marriage. On this occasion, Anas has given Sana a special gift.

Sana Khan has also shared a picture of this very special gift she received from her Husband on Instagram Story. Apart from sharing the picture, Sana has written in the caption that – Thank you, Anas Saiyed. A month of marriage was completed. My gift is udhaar. Okay.” Anas has given Sana a mobile phone as a gift.

Sana got married to Anas on November 21. Both recently went to Kashmir for their honeymoon. The pictures of the wedding and honeymoon had become very viral on social media.

In an interview on the decision to marry Anas, Sana had said that my decision to marry Anas was not taken for a day. I had made a vow to Allah for years to get such a man. His best thing to me is that he is decent and he is not judgemental.

On the decision to leave movies after marriage, people accused Anas and his family that Anas and his family did not want Sana to work any further and because of this, she is being asked to leave films. But Anas has also given this explanation on his behalf.

Talking about this, he said that- I never tried to tie her to any role. She announced 6 months ago on Instagram that she has worn a hijab. People thought that this was only for Pandemic but it was related to not doing work in films. I wanted her to continue work. But she had already planned that after marriage she would leave the movies. Even hearing this news, I was shocked myself.

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