Proud of you Indian Army : Soldiers donate one day salary to PM Cares Fund

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New Delhi : Coronavirus has greatly affected the country including the whole world. At the same time, lockdown was implemented in the country due to the Corona crisis. Due to which a big economic crisis has also been seen in the country. At the same time, to avoid the corona crisis, the Central Government also launched the PM Cares Fund. In which people donated small to big amounts as per their capacity. The Indian Army has also made a major contribution to the PM Cares Fund. The army has contributed more than Rs 200 crore to this fund.

The entire country is united to deal with the coronavirus crisis. People have come forward and provided help to the needy in the Corona era. Meanwhile, PM Narendra Modi had announced the PM Cares Fund to deal with the Corona crisis, in which people have contributed crores of rupees. At the same time, the Indian Army has also contributed one day’s salary to this fund. Staff, officers and officers of the three forces, land, water and air donated to this fund.

According to a report, soldiers of the Army, Navy and Air Force together have contributed their one day salary to the PM Cares Fund. The three armies together have donated Rs 203.67 crore to the PM Cares Fund. A total of 29.18 crore rupees has been donated by the Indian Air Force from April to October in this fund. Apart from this, the Indian Navy said that between April and October through officers and sellers, a donation of Rs 12.41 crore has been made in it. At the same time, 4.36 crore rupees were donated by civil servants in this fund.

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