Hindu Brahmin girl gets married to Muslim man, Says she will ask her husband Ayaz to convert to Hindu

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Vadodara : City leaders have strongly protested against the conversion and marriage of a 23-year-old Brahmin girl from Vadodara in Mumbai.

In the Nagarwada area of the city, after a young Muslim man converted a Brahmin girl and married her. Later, the two were sent home. Local leaders visited and tried to convince the girl throughout the day on Thursday. The Muslim youth, on the other hand, avoided appearing in public the next day. The young man’s father and lawyer also avoided talking. Both will still be counselled for 3-4 days. Hindu organizations have also come to the fore in protest of the incident.

“Both I and Ayaz have known each other for six years,” said the girl. We got in touch with each other through friends and since then we have been in constant contact with each other. Our friendship turned into love. After which we decided to get married. Five days ago he took me to Mumbai to get married and there he married me. Although then I came to Vadodara on Wednesday. Seeing the support I have received after this incident, I am thinking about my decision, I have now got the courage to think independently and my confidence has also increased.

So I am now reconsidering my decision. I was taken to the mosque in Bandra and got married. Now I will ask Ayaz to become a Hindu. I have had the support of many people since last night and I am having a conversation with them. So now I have the courage and I am making the right decision again and thinking about the decision I made earlier. Many people came to explain to me today and have convinced me. So I’m a little bit more confident now and I’m thinking boldly about what I decided earlier. I will think and in two or three days I will make a decision.

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