40% of women in Kutch still do not use hygienic method during menstruation

Bhuj : The situation of Kutch in the National Family Health Survey-5 released on December 12 by the Union Ministry of Health is shocking. This survey raises serious questions, especially on the condition of women and children. A survey has revealed a shocking fact about how much women are aware of their health during menstruation. Approximately 40 percent of women still do not use modern or hygienic equipment!

In Kutch, only 59 per cent women use hygienic methods for protection during menstruation, including sanitary napkins and locally made napkins. The rest of the women adopt any unsafe way. Which can be considered a serious matter. The use of unsafe clothing can lead to serious illness in women. Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man film has also been made to give a social message about this. Then the government needs to bring more awareness about this. So there is still an urgent need to bring awareness in family planning in Kutch.

Approximately 38 percent of people do not use modern family planning tools. So no one is doing male sterilisation which is very shocking. The survey also found that women no longer want to be mothers but they do not use any modern family planning tools! 7 percent of such women have been found. Surprisingly, even in a government hospital in Kutch, children are born at the expense of the parents. The survey revealed that an average of Rs 1,793 was recovered from the family even after delivery to a government hospital. In the previous survey, this cost was Rs. 779 was coming.

The government spends huge money on vaccination of children. But the government’s own figures are opening a fraud of Kutch’s performance in vaccination. Undoubtedly the percentage of vaccinations in children has increased. But that percentage is still low. Moreover, the percentage of vaccinations in government hospitals has come down and it has increased in private hospitals which is a serious matter.

The health of pregnant women and newborns is deteriorating in Kutch. 93% of mothers are in need of various treatments. Previously, only 64 percent of women received treatment. On the other hand, the percentage of treatment for newborns has also increased. Currently, 91 percent of newborns need treatment.

Increasing percentage of Cesarean section births in Kutch
The declining health of women in Kutch is having a direct impact on childbirth. The percentage of children born by cesarean section is increasing. However in private hospitals this percentage is surprisingly high. The district government hospital has also seen an increase in the birth rate of cesareans.

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