48.8% women in Gujarat have mobile but 70% have not used internet, Revealed in a survey

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Ahmedabad : More than 60 per cent women in 12 states and union territories of the country have never used the internet till date. The National Family Health Survey figures are shocking amid the growing use of online education and digital India in the Corona era.

The survey covered 22 states and union territories. In Gujarat, 70% of women have never used the internet. Only 30.8 per cent of women use the internet, compared to 48.9 per cent in urban areas and 17.5 per cent in rural areas. However, the percentage of women mobile holders is 48.8 per cent with 66 per cent in urban areas and 36.2 per cent in rural areas.

The percentage of male internet users in Gujarat is 58.9 percent with 72.9 per cent in urban areas and 48 per cent in rural areas. Andhra Pradesh has 48.8 percent male internet users, Assam 42.3 per cent, Bihar 43.6 per cent, Meghalaya 42.1 per cent, Tripura 45.7 per cent, West Bengal 46.7 per cent and Andaman 46.5 per cent.

According to the results of the survey, in case of the literacy rate among women, Andhra Pradesh lags behind with 68.6 per cent, Bihar with 57.8 per cent, Telangana with 66.6 per cent, Kerala with 98.3 per cent, Lakshadweep with 96.5 per cent and Mizoram with 94.4 per cent.

In Gujarat, 76.5 per cent women are literate while 90.9 percent men are literate. 33.8 per cent women are educated in standard 10 or above.

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