PAK ambassador claims Takshashila was part of old Pakistan, Chanakya-Panini were Pakistanis

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New Delhi : Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been trolled several times by telling wrong facts related to history. Now Pakistan’s Ambassador to Vietnam Qamar Abbas Khokhar has described Takshashila, the pride of ancient India, as part of ‘Ancient Pakistan’. Apart from this, he has described Chanakya, an author of economics and great linguist Panini, as the child of Pakistan. However, the account that has been tweeted is not verified but this tweet has become increasingly viral on social media.

The Pakistani diplomat also called Chanakya, the world’s first linguist and author of economics, as the child of ‘ancient Pakistan’. Khokhar also posted two videos in which all such fake claims were made.

#ancientpakistan has started trending on Twitter. A user named Priyaraj wrote, There was no Pakistan before independence. Therefore, there is no question of the ancient history of Pakistan. If you search on Wikipedia only once, you will come to know that Takshashila was a center of knowledge in the Maurya Empire.

At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Ancient Pakistan? Pakistan existed 2700 years ago? One more thing that Panini was a Sanskrit scholar. What you are telling is the history of ancient India. Your history is not before 1947. Islam also came 1400 years ago. Takshashila was present 2700 years ago, where did you miss? ‘

However, many false facts related to history are also taught in schools in Pakistan, in such a situation, the history of the Pakistani ambassador is not very surprising.

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