Breakup-divorce case increases due to COVID19 pandemic, Warns experts

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New Delhi : Cases of breakup and divorce are increasing worldwide, including the UK due to the epidemic. However, experts are warning that the cases of breakup due to corona may increase further, i.e. their peak is yet to come.

According to a BBC report, Sophie Turner, a 29-year-old woman living in England, and her husband have applied for divorce. Before the Corona crisis, the two had never discussed their separation, but during the epidemic, Sophie became very tense and their marriage broke up.

Britain’s law firm Stewart’s says that between July and October, 122 percent more inquiries have come in cases related to divorce. An organization called Charity Citizen Advice says that there has been an increase in people looking for online advice on ending relationships.

An American law firm says that the sale of the dividend agreement has increased by 34 percent. The incidence of divorce cases due to Corona has also been seen in China. There is a similar situation in Sweden. Experts also say that due to corona, many people have suffered financial loss and people are also suffering from mental health problems. Due to these reasons, cases of breakup can increase.

Experts say that tension has arisen due to the epidemic and people have to make changes in their living arrangements. Carly Kinch, who works at a law firm, says that the epidemic has brought a huge storm among the couples. Due to lockdown and social distancing, couples have to spend more time together and it has become harmful for many couples.

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