Farmers’ Protest : Rahul Gandhi questions government for demise of 11 farmers during protest

New Delhi : For the past 17 days, farmers’ are protesting against the agricultural laws brought by the central government. They are blocking roads, rails and the government is trying for a settlement. 11 farmers are meanwhile reportedly said to have died so far.

Now, Rahul Gandhi, former Congress national president has targeted the Centre’s Modi government over the death of farmers. Rahul Gandhi has tweeted from his official Twitter handle saying, “How much more will our farmer brothers have to pay for the removal of agricultural laws?”

Rahul Gandhi has been attacking the Modi government over agricultural laws since the commencement of the agitation. On Friday, he attacked the government over farmers’ income.

Rahul Gandhi wrote on his official Twitter handle while sharing a graph of average income per farmer in various states that “Farmer wants his income to be as much as the farmers of Punjab. The Modi government wants the income of all the farmers of the country to be as much as the farmers of Bihar.”

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