PM Modi in Varanasi : Farmers are being provoked by showing fear…

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Varanasi : PM Narendra Modi has reached his parliamentary constituency Varanasi today. Here, the first ‘Diya’ of ‘Dev Deepavali’ festival will be lit by the PM. Dev Deepavali is celebrated on the full moon of Kartik month of the Hindu calendar. This year, Dev Deepawali will be celebrated by lighting 11 lakh lamps on both sides of the river Ganges. Later, along with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the PM will go to Chetram Ghat on a cruise and will also see a spectacular laser show from there.

Highlights of PM Modi’s Varanasi visit-
Meanwhile, while addressing everyone in Varanasi, PM Modi said that farmers are being provoked by showing the fear of future. He tried to convince the protesting farmers that no government law is against them. Modi said that when modern connectivity expands in an area, then it also benefits our farmers.

– In the past years, there has been an effort to build storage, cold storage arrangements and modern roads in the villages. A fund of Rs 1 lakh crore has also been created for this.

– PM Modi has said that confusion is being spread about the thing that is not even happening. Earlier purchases were less on MSP, farmers were only cheated, there was black marketing of manure. It has become their habit to spread lies.

– PM Modi said that we have taken the path of empowering the farmers. We are continuously working on increasing the income of farmers. Farmers have the freedom to sell crops. The new law also gives freedom to sell the crop the old way. The new laws are beneficial for farmers.

– PM said that one thousand farmer families are cultivating black rice. Black rice is being exported to Australia today. We have worked for farmer reforms and their interests. Black rice is being sold for 300 rupees today.

– Today, farmers are getting benefit from the efforts of the government. The farmer is exporting goods abroad. India’s fruits and vegetables are in demand even in London.

– Large loan waiver packages were announced in the name of farmers. But they did not reach the small and marginal farmers.

– PM Modi said that earlier transactions outside Mandi were illegal. In such a situation, small farmers were cheated and disputed. Now the small farmer can also take legal action on every deal that is out of the market. The farmer has now also found new options and legal protection from deception.

– Governments make policies, make laws and regulations. If policies and laws are supported, then some questions are also natural. It is part of democracy and has been a living tradition in India.

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