IMP News : These 5 big rules will change in India from tomorrow, Click to know

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New Delhi: Five major changes are going to happen in India from December 1, 2020. These changes will have a direct impact on your life. On one hand, you will get relief from these new rules, on the other hand, if you do not take care of some things then you can also suffer financial loss. These include gas cylinders, insurance premiums, railways, ATM withdrawal rules and money transaction rules. Let’s know about these important changes.

LPG Price
Oil companies review the prices of LPG cylinders at the beginning of every month. The price of LPG cylinders will change in the country from tomorrow. It is known that tax is different in every state and according to this, there is a difference in the prices of LPG. Currently, the government provides subsidy on 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg for each household in a year. If customers want more cylinders than this, then they buy them at market price. Its prices determine factors such as average international benchmarks and changes in foreign exchange rates.

PNB will change the rules for withdrawing money from ATMs
In view of the increasing cases of frauds, PNB is going to implement a one-time password (OTP) system to make it more secure for customers to withdraw money from ATMs. Under this, to withdraw cash from an ATM, you have to tell the OTP on the mobile number registered with the bank. This rule will be applicable to cash transactions of more than 10 thousand rupees.

Banks will change these rules related to money transactions
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) keeps on announcing new facilities to provide better facilities to the customers. Now RBI has made another big announcement for the customers. From next month, banks are going to change an important rule related to money transactions.

In October, the RBI announced that the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system would be operational 24 hours a day from December 2020. Which means, you will not have to wait for the bank to open and close to transfer a large amount from December.

Launch of new trains
Indian Railways operated special trains during the Corona crisis. Now from December 1, 2020, Railways are going to run many new trains. More trains are going to start operating from tomorrow to facilitate more passengers. It includes both Jhelum Express and Punjab Mail. Both these trains are running under the general category. Daily 01077/78 Pune-Jammu Tawi Pune Jhelum Special and 02137/38 Mumbai Firozpur Punjab Mail Special trains will run.

Insurance holders can cut premiums
Many people have been attracted to insurance in the Corona era, but concern has also increased about the premium. But now, after five years, the Insurance holders can cut the premium amount. They will be able to reduce the premium by 50 per cent. This has brought great relief to the insured as they will be able to continue the policy with half the installment. This will not put much financial burden on them.

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