Sex Education : Did you know condoms also have expiry dates? Must check before buying

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New Delhi : We use condoms to avoid sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancy. But there are many things related to condoms, about which only a few people will be fully aware.

Just like we check the expiry date of any medicine or other medical instrument from the medical store, we should also check the expiry date of the condom. When you are buying a condom, you should see the expiry date or use of it on its packet. You should also know that apart from the expiry date, some factors cause condoms to deteriorate quickly.

Many people keep the condom in their purse and do not even use it for a long time. If a condom is kept in the wallet, it can deteriorate due to friction and there are chances that it gets spoiled quickly. Apart from this, if the condom is kept in a place with more heat then its quality gets affected.

The life of condoms made of synthetic material is more than the condoms made of natural materials. Generally, such condoms are safe for about 4-5 years. At the same time, condoms made from natural materials spoil early. If spermicide chemical has been used while making condom, then its shelf life is reduced. So in such a situation, keep this in mind while buying a condom.

Many people also have a dilemma about what the risk may be if they use an expired condom, then for such people, first of all, not only the expiry condom but you should not use any expired thing. It can put you in trouble. After the expiry date of the condom, its material starts to weaken. It can be dangerous for you to use such a condom.

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