China will try to collect first stone samples from the moon and bring it to earth

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New Delhi : China is preparing to send an unmanned mission to the moon this week. After the 1970s, this will be the first mission of any country on the moon to try to bring pieces of stone from the moon to the earth. The mission is named after Chang’i, who is considered the goddess of the moon in China.

Its purpose is to bring such material from the moon back to Earth so that scientists can learn more about its formation. With this mission, China is trying to test its ability to bring samples from space to Earth.

If this work is done successfully then more difficult missions will be prepared. If this mission is successful, China will become the third country to bring the sample back from the moon. America and the Soviet Union achieved this nearly decades ago.

The Luna 2 mission of the Soviet Union was destroyed in 1959 after hitting the lunar surface. After that, countries like Japan and India have also sent missions to the moon. America’s Apollo was the first mission to the moon. Under this, from 1969 to 1972, six flights were sent to the moon and 12 astronauts landed on the moon. China’s new mission will try to bring back samples of two kgs. These samples will be taken from a lava field named ‘Oceanus Procellarum’ where no mission has ever been visited.

This mission can provide answers to many questions such as how long were the volcanoes active inside the moon and when the moon’s own magnetic fields were necessary to protect the organisms from the sun’s rays. If the whole process is successful, the samples would be put into a returning capsule and sent back to Earth.

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