India-PAK tops among the most polluted countries list : WHO report

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New Delhi : India and Pakistan have 16 of the 20 most polluted cities of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO has also considered the main reason behind increasing air pollution in this season, the residue or stubble of crops burned in these countries. If you look at the Global PM 2.5 database by WHO, the amount of air pollution in India and Pakistan is increased due to burning of stubble.

According to the published news of British newspaper The Guardian, about 200 years ago, Benjamin Franklin was the first scientist who studied lightning in the atmosphere. At the moment, due to air pollution, there has also been a change in the brightness of this lightning.

According to a study done in the year 1790, the air pollution in London that year was half of the air pollution in modern cities of India but by the year 1990, the situation in London became worse. The situation there was almost equal to the pollution of India’s most polluted cities.

In 1920, a continuous investigation of air pollution was started in London. At that time there was as much pollution in London’s air as there used to be in India. At that time the United Kingdom was home to 4.40 crore people. Then 40 crore people lived in India. All of them used to fall prey to the polluted air spread along the banks of river Ganges.

In the month of July this year, it was revealed in a study that the years of living of people in India are getting shorter. The reason is pollution. It has been revealed by a university of America. It has been said that due to air pollution, the life expectancy of the people of India has decreased by 5.2 years. In easy language life expectancy, we can say how many years an average person will live.

The Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago has done this study. It has been told that due to more air pollution the life expectancy of the people of India is decreasing very fast. After Bangladesh, India is the second country in the world where the age of people is decreasing.

In this study, it has been said that according to the guidelines made about WHO pollution, the entire population of India i.e. 140 crore people are living in pollution. Whereas, 84 percent of people are living in pollution according to India’s own pollution guidelines. Life expectancy of the people of India has decreased by 5.2 years due to air pollution. Which is twice the 2.3 year guidelines mentioned in the WHO guidelines.

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