US Election : Sinking Business, 2024 Election or TV World… Now What Donald Trump Will Choose?

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Washington : Now that Donald Trump has lost the presidential election, there is a heated discussion on what are his plans for his future. Will he take over his family business again or will he again turn towards his favorite TV world. According to the New York Times, Trump will choose either of the two or continue the two together, nothing can be said clearly right now.

But it is believed that Trump can again focus on the Trump organization going into loss. It is also speculated that Trump will again contest for the post of President in 2024.

The main job of Trump Organization is real estate business and hotels. Trump had claimed in his income tax papers some time ago that he has suffered a lot at the financial level. Now he can try to complete this loss. Trump can now increase business outside the US. In fact, after becoming President, he said that his company would not deal outside the US to avoid any dispute. Now, after stepping down from the post of President, the company can expand its work abroad.

It is difficult for Donald to stabilize the Trump Organization again, but he will also get some ‘benefits’ because of being President. According to the news, now his name has already got more recognition in other countries and more people have come to know the brand than before. However, if he makes up his mind to contest again in 2024, the company will take care while making such deals. Because of any dispute, the opposition party will get the issue against Donald Trump.

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