US Election : Race between Trump-Biden depends on these 4 states, know how much counting is left now

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Washington : The war of presidential elections in America is going on in its final phase. But it has not been finalized yet who will become the next President of America. In the results so far, Joe Biden of the Democrats Party is leading and is close to majority. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has also claimed victory and in some places, he accused the fraud in counting. But this war has now mainly subsided on four states, from where the final results can be decided.

Which US states are having interesting battles?
Pennsylvania : The total electoral vote in this state is 20. Initially, Donald Trump was leading here, but as soon as the Mail in vote opened, Joe Biden started leading. According to the New York Times, 94 percent of the counting has taken place here and Donald Trump has 49.7%, which Biden has received 49.0% votes.

Georgia : This state has a total of 16 electoral votes. A very tough contest is going on here and Donald Trump is ahead with just two thousand votes. So far, 98 percent counting has been done here, while Donald Trump has received 49.4% votes. Now these votes are opening in the mail, in such a situation, the picture can change.

North Carolina : This state has a total of 15 electoral votes. Till now 95 percent of the votes have been counted. So far Donald Trump has received around 50 percent and Joe Biden has received 48 percent votes. According to local officials, mail-in votes will be received here till November 12, which means that the picture will be clear only after that.

Arizona : There are a total of 11 electoral votes in this state, where only 90 percent of the counting has been done. Here Joe Biden got 50 percent and Donald Trump got 48.5 percent votes. Count of about three lakh votes have left here.

These are mainly these four states where there are more electoral votes and which can make a difference on the results of elections. Apart from these, a special focus is also on Nevada, where there are 6 electoral votes and Biden is going ahead here. This is special because if Biden wins from here, he will get a majority in the electoral vote.

Right now Joe Biden has 264 and Donald Trump has 214 electoral votes. Donald Trump is ahead in three states, even if he wins, it will be difficult for him.

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