France on alert after terror attacks, Macron makes this big decision regarding the border

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New Delhi : After the controversy started in France over a cartoon, terrorist attacks have taken place in many cities. In view of these attacks, France has taken a tough stand and increased security on all its borders. The number of soldiers is being doubled at many places near the border, apart from this, there is a preparation for checking in the areas where there is movement without any interruption.

French President Emmanuel Macron gave information about this on Thursday. He said that border control will now be doubled, where there were 2400 soldiers now, there will be about 4800 soldiers stationed there. According to the French President, their main focus will be to stop illegal infiltration and at the same time curb smuggling.

In an event near the Spain border, Macron said that from the terrorist attacks that have taken place in the last few days, it is clear that someone wants to harm our country by entering from outside. This is the reason why we should secure our border now. Apart from this, Macron has indicated that he will also raise questions about the security of the border in the European Union, because in the last few days there has been a terrorist attack not only in France but also in Austria.

There was a dispute in France about the making of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, after which terrorist attacks also took place at some places. On October 29, there was a terrorist attack in Nice city of France, which was the third attack in the recent past. Apart from this, there has also been an attack in Paris.

Al-Qaeda has taken responsibility for some of these attacks. After which France airstrike at some bases of Al-Qaeda and killed about 50 terrorists.

Apart from the statement of Emmanuel Macron, a statement has been made by the French police that more than 11 thousand people have been arrested illegally on the France-Spain border this year. Emmanuel Macron had termed the violence against cartoons wrong, after which he was also opposed worldwide. Many Muslim countries have openly spoken of boycotting France.

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