This man gets married to a Cobra snake after his girlfriend died

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Bangkok: In movies, you must have seen many love stories of last birth. But such a thing has happened in real life. The film also shows that a person is born in the form of a human in the second birth, but do you believe if someone tells you that your love was born as a cobra in the second birth? A man in Thailand truly loved his girlfriend. However, his girlfriend died and this man was very sad.

This guy is married to a cobra snake, as he says his girlfriend has taken another birth in the form of a cobra. His girlfriend died just five years ago. He married this cobra five years after the death of his girlfriend.

The cobra that this man is married to is 10 feet long and after marriage he is taking care of this cobra just like his wife. He eats, lives and sleeps with this snake, not only that but he also has romance with this cobra snake. He says that this cobra has the same soul as his girlfriend, she has been reborn.

He reportedly goes on picnics, sits at home and watches TV with this cobra. If you don’t know, let us tell you that the cobra snakes are the most venomous but the report claims that so far, this snake has not harmed anyone.

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