Bigg Boss 14 : Eijaz Khan Makes Nikki Tamboli Wash His Undergarment

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Mumbai : Every season of Bigg Boss brings new controversies. Contestant Eijaz Khan mostly remains in controversy this time. Eijaz has once again come into controversy after fighting with Kavita Kaushik. Eijaz is the captain of the house at this time, so he is bound to take full advantage of this power. And he is not losing a single opportunity to do his own arbitrary thing. In such a situation, Eijaz Khan was seen making Nikki wash his undergarments in the last episode.

Due to this, Eijaz Khan is getting criticized a lot. The other members of the house were quite surprised to see this. At the same time, Pavitra Punia also criticized this decision of Eijaz Khan.

Along with the family, the fans are also not liking this style of Eijaz Khan. In such a situation, users are criticizing Eijaz Khan on social media. Along with this, Kamya Punjabi and Gauhar Khan have also criticized Eijaz Khan on social media.

Talking about this, Kamya Punjabi wrote, ‘What ????? Did the captain make a girl wash his underwears???? Did I hear the beeps correctly?? I am shocked !!!!!’ In her second tweet, Kamya Punjabi wrote, ‘Your anger and outburst was absolutely right #KavitaKaushik , this man is power crazy , now we know why you did not want to call him your friend !’

In his third tweet, Kamya Punjabi wrote, ‘A joke ok, still underwear? A joke wich was only between two people! This only defamed #nikitamboli in front of other housemates! Chalo dhulwaya nahi par shukwa toh diya #sick Andy u forgot what had happened with u in our season bcoz of a bra?’

At the same time, Gauhar Khan has also questioned the captaincy of Eijaz Khan. Gauhar Khan tweeted, ‘Captain is a Captain , NOT a DICTATOR !’

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