Why didn’t Indira Gandhi wear a bulletproof jacket on the day of the assassination?

The date when the Prime Minister of the country was murdered by his own security guard. It was already 9 o’clock in the morning. But what happened between 6 am and 9 am? How did the President of America come to this incident? What did the doctor talk about makeup? And a big question is why Indira was not wearing her bulletproof jacket that day?

Like every day, Indira woke up at 6 in the morning. She did Yoga and other exercises. Then took a bath with cold water. Whatever the weather is, Indira did not use geysers as per the advice of her yogacharya Dhirendra Brahmachari.

After bathing, Indira had to choose her dress. Today, she took more time to choose the saree. Famous actor, TV presenter Peter Utsinov was to interview her. Indira chose a cotton sari for the occasion. Light saffron Black border.

Then she was served breakfast. A half toasted bread as usual, a half boiled egg, coffee with fruit and milk. After this, women of Indira’s personal staff came and started her touchup. Then her doctor Krishna Prasad Mathur also came. Indira became the first PM in 1966. Since then Dr. Mathur used to visit her every day to check her health. But Indira’s health was always very good after coming into politics. She never gained extra fat on the body and she never paid carelessness about any kind of food. That is why even after crossing sixty, she did not have most of the diseases of old age. But there was protocol. So Dr. Mathur had to come.

On October 31, Dr. Mathur referred Indira to an article in America’s famous magazine Time. According to this, the then US President Ronald Reagan used to avoid wearing makeup before the interview. Indira’s makeup was going on when Dr Mathur was talking about it. She countered Dr. Mathur’s saying that lies are written in the magazine. Reagan also does makeup and also puts an earpiece in the ear. When he gets stuck to respond to a difficult question, his colleagues present in the backroom suggest the answer. Dr Mathur was surprised at this information of Indira. Their discussion came to an end as it was time for the interview.

Beant Singh and Satwant Singh

Indira left from1-Safdarjung house on foot Because the office was just beside her house. 1-Akbar Road. There was just a corridor in the middle and she just had to cross it. Indira reached the halfway point. A constable of Delhi Police behind with an open umbrella for Madam. A few feet behind her was Indira’s personal secretary Rajendra Kumar Dhawan and just behind him was a peon and a policeman.

Indira had just reached that small wooden gate that Beant Singh, the inspector, came from the front. Beant was part of her security staff for the last 9 years. He also went abroad several times with Indira. A few months ago, he was removed from PM’s security at the behest of Advisor and former RAW Chief RN Kav. But Beant appealed directly to Madam. Dhawan and Indira canceled his transfer order. Indira said that I have full faith in my Sikh security personnel. The question of trust was arising because Operation Blue Star took place five months ago.

Indira saw Beant and understood that now Sardar ji will do Namaste. Indira folded her hands even before Beant greeted her. But Beant did not turn his hands, but took a service revolver and pointed it on Indira. Indira may have had half or one second. She screamed, what are you doing?”

By then the sharp scream of the bullet ripped the sky. Five bullets one by one, from point blank range.

Indira was killed in the government bungalow on this Safdarjung Road in Delhi, now there is a memorial here.

Still, Indira’s body was not yet fully rested on the grass when another security guard came near to her. 22-year-old Satwant Singh, who hailed from Gurdaspur which had become the center of terrorists. Today he got his duty transferred to the inner side of Indira’s residence and office by pretending to have diarrhea. Hearing the sound of gunfire, he came close and pointed his sten gun towards Indira. His hands were weakening on the gun due to sweat. But then Beant Singh screamed, ‘Oye chala goli (fire)’

Satwant shot 25 rounds of the magazine on the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

That day Indira Gandhi did not wear a bulletproof jacket. She thought she was not going out so why to wear a bulletproof jacket. She felt that wearing a jacket would not make her look good in front of the camera. She felt that she was completely safe among his security personnel.

Indira was taken to AIIMS by Sonia Gandhi and Dhawan. Where doctors kept trying unsuccessfully for a few hours. O Negative blood type was less. Appeal was made to people and so many people came that the hospital gates had to be closed. But there was no use. Her son Rajiv Gandhi, who went on an election tour in Bengal, was informed about the death of her mother.

The man who killed Indira, Beant Singh, just after firing, tried committing suicide with the same service revolver, saying that, I did what I had to do. ITBP personnel stationed in the outer guard had caught him and Satbant. Later news came that Beant tried to run away, snatching the weapon. He was shot in the same raid. And he was killed on the spot. Satbant and another conspirator Kehar Singh were hanged after a few years.

The body of Indira Gandhi was kept for the last darshan.

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