What is Blue Moon? October night-sky is all set to witness it on 31st

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New Delhi : Blue moon will be seen in the sky for the first time on Halloween, 31 October. We are all going to be witnesses of this special moment. The Corona crisis has shown a bad phase to the whole world in 2020. But this astronomical event which is going to happen on 31 October can give you a pleasant experience. Know what is this blue moon which is being discussed a lot.

Blue Moon is an unusual phenomenon that is seen every two or three years. But we will have to wait till 2039 to see this blue moon which we’ll see in the year 2020. This rare sight called ‘Blue Moon’ will be very special for the people.

According to information from NASA, most of the blue moon looks yellow and white, but this moon will be different from all that have been seen so far.

Although it is called the Blue Moon, it does not mean that the Moon will be Blue. It means time when the full moon will be seen for the second time in a month. It is worth mentioning that there was a full moon on 1 October and now on 31 October there will be a full moon again. The physical properties (shape type) of the second full moon do not change when the calendar month changes, so its color remains the same.

NASA said that it is normal to see blue moon sometimes. But the reason behind this is different. It often looks blue due to atmospheric conditions. This does not include the reason for changing the calendar time.

A famous example of a similar incident came to light in 1883. During that time the volcano Krakota was burst. The dust from the volcano dissolved in the air. With this, the moon started to appear blue. But this will not be considered an astronomical event. Anyway, blue moon does not mean blue moon. If there are two full moon months in a month, the second one is called Blue Moon. Such astronomical events occur once in many years.

Astronomers have claimed that if the night sky is clear on 31 October, then anyone can see the blue moon with the help of a telescope. Many astronomers including the Nehru Planetarium are eagerly waiting to witness this astronomical event.

Duration of the lunar month is 29.531 days i.e. 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 38 seconds, so to have a full moon twice in the same month, the first full moon should be on the first or second date of that month. This is going to happen on October 31, so this astronomical event is considered special.

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