Actor Hrithik Roshan’s mother Pinky Roshan Tests Corona Positive

Mumbai: Famous actor Hrithik Roshan’s mother and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan’s wife Pinky Roshan has been tested positive. Doctors have advised Pinky Roshan to stay at home in isolation as she has mild symptoms.

Confirming the news, 67-year-old Pinky Roshan told a media channel over the phone, “As a precaution, my entire family and the entire house staff are testing for Covid19 every two to three weeks. A similar test, conducted five days ago, in which I was Covid19 positive for the last 15 days.”

Pinky Roshan said, “Since I have no symptoms of this disease, doctors have advised me to stay in isolation at home instead of in the hospital.” Pinky Roshan said, on the seventh day, tomorrow, the test of Covid-19 will be done once again.

Pinky Roshan lives in Juhu’s ‘Palazzo’ building, and at the moment her daughter Sunaina, Nitin Sunarika and her mother are also living with her. Pinky Roshan said they all live on different floors of the building and are taking full care. Hrithik Roshan has been living at Prime Beach in Juhu for the past few years, separated from his parents. Meanwhile, Pinky Roshan’s husband Rakesh Roshan is currently busy building his bungalow in Khandala. Pinky Roshan said he would return to Mumbai on Saturday.

“Even though I was in isolation, my family gave me a nice surprise,” said Pinky Roshan, who turned 67 today. While Pinky Roshan is Corona positive, she is enjoying her birthday to the fullest. There is nothing to fear due to corona. Just be careful, said Pinky Roshan at the end.

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