Corona breaks the back of film industry, 12% of the country’s cinemas on the verge of closure

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Mumbai : Due to Coronavirus, the economy of the country seems to be slowing down. All trades have stopped, and the country has seen the migration of workers in large numbers since the lockdown. Apart from this, Corona has caused the most damage to Indian film industry.

The release date of the films was postponed due to the shooting being stopped for several consecutive months. Many large projects were closed. Now the existence of cinemas is also in crisis. Even after opening theaters in many states, they are still craving for the audience.

According to a report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI), 12 percent of theaters have been closed permanently during the lockdown. In many states, cinemas have not been opened yet due to the havoc of Corona, in such a situation, it is being speculated that some other theaters will never open again.

There are about 10 thousand cinemas in the country. The condition of single screen theaters has become worse since the lockdown. Due to the continuous shutdown, the salaries of the employees working here are also not being paid. People taking precaution during the Corona period are afraid of going to theaters. This situation is not only in India but also in many big countries including America.

Theater owners’ trouble has also started increasing. Many films are now released on OTT. Streaming platforms are turning profitable and cinemas are on their knees. The coming time can definitely bring some changes.

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