US : 14yo Anika Chebrolu of Indian origin discoveres possible treatment of Covid19

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Houston : When the whole world is in the grip of the corona epidemic, millions of people have been killed, millions of people are ill, the question on everyone’s mind is when will the corona vaccine arrive. Meanwhile, a research done by a schoolgirl has emerged as a ray of hope.

The Indian-American teenager has made an invention that can play an important role in the treatment of SARS Covid disease. The teenager’s name is Anika Chebrolu. Anika has been given a prize of 25 thousand dollars for this discovery.

The girl lives in Texas, according to a news agency CNN report. Anika is of Indian origin. She is just 14 years old and her name is Anika Chebrolu. Anika won the Young Scientist Challenge of the year 2020 with her project. For this, Anika also received a prize of 25 thousand dollars. According to the information, Anika’s invention in the war against Corona can prove to be epoch-making.

According to the information received about this invention, Anika has discovered a lead molecule. It works according to the in-silico method. It finds and kills the spike proteins of the coronavirus responsible for SARS Covid.

Through this, the virus can be bound through a certain protein. Due to this, the process of development of spike protein of the virus will stop and the treatment of the patient will become easier.

Anika told that she had made this project when she was studying in 8th grade. According to Anika, when she created this project, at that time there was no talk of coronavirus and its treatment in her mind. When the corona epidemic struck and drug discovery and treatment was started on a war footing, I understood that my project was an effort in this direction.

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