Corona Will Leave Serious Side Effects In Future, Average Age Of Humans Will Decrease

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New Delhi : The number of corona infections exceeded 3.03 crore in the world on Friday, while the death toll has also exceeded 9.51 lakh. A Total of 22 million people infected with deadly coronavirus have also recovered. Meanwhile, a study has revealed that Corona may reduce the average age worldwide.

According to the latest study published in the journal PLOS One, COVID-19 can cause a short-term decline in life expectancy worldwide. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic can cause a short-term decline in life expectancy in severely affected areas of the world. This study examined the effect of COVID-19-related deaths on life expectancy for four broad areas across multiple rates of infection and age groups.

The study cautioned that if comprehensive reforms were not made in the field of health services, socioeconomic conditions and education, the situation would be serious in future. The average age in European and North American countries may decline by 10 percent.

Associate Professor Giliuom Maros of the Asian Demographic Research Institute of Shanghai University of China reported that the impact of COVID-19 on life expectancy is probably already felt at the sub-national level, which has been severely affected. The study has been published in the journal PLOS One.

The thousands of millions of samples of corona found so far suggest that the corona is rapidly changing its form. Around 22 stable mutates of the coronavirus have been identified worldwide, of which two are the most resistant. This information was given by Russia Public Health Monitoring Center Rospotrebnadzor on Friday.

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