Mumbai Man Wrote To CEO Jeff Bezos When His Amazon Parcel Lost, Got ‘This’ In Return

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Mumbai : A Mumbai-based man ordered a phone from Amazon for his grandmother. But he did not receive the parcel. It got stolen from the gate of his society. Upon this, the man got very angry and he wrote an email directly to Amazon’s CEO living in America, Jeff Bezos.

The good thing is that Jeff Bezos not only read his mail, but he immediately suggested to the team of Amazon to solve this problem. The employees of Amazon contacted the man within a few days and solved his problem.

This is the whole story
This is the story of Omkar Hanmante of Mumbai. He placed an order for a phone for his grandmother from Amazon’s website. He ordered the basic Nokia phone. But he did not get delivery for many days. While the status was showing on the website that the phone has been delivered.

This is part of a letter written to Bezos –

Hi Jeff,
Hope you are well.

I am very disappointed with your customer service and delivery system. The phone I ordered from Amazon was not delivered to me and was kept at my society gate, which was stolen from there. I had not received a call about this delivery.

It is also interesting that your customer service team always gives a rude reply that the investigation is going on, like I am talking to the bot.

The parcel was stolen
When the matter was investigated, CCTV footage showed that the delivery man left the parcel at the entry gate instead of giving it to Omkar. After this, a person is seen stealing this phone and going from there.

Jeff Bezos said in an interview that he still reads the mail of his customers. If he is unable to answer directly, he forwards it to the concerned department.

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