A Deadly Game Of Lies, Deceit & Revenge : ZEE5 Original ‘Poison 2’ Is The Weekend’s Binge-Watch

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Mumbai : After the overwhelming success of Poison’s first season last year, viewers were eagerly awaiting its second season. So when ZEE5 released the first poster of Poison 2 with Aftab Shivdasani and Rai Laxmi in April 2020, the fans were extremely happy. But the fans did not know that they would have to wait 8 months to see the second season.

Poison 2 was originally scheduled to be released on April 30, but due to a coronavirus pandemic, its shooting was halted for a few months. Due to this hindrance, its release date was also extended to 16 October. Today is October 16 and all episodes of Poison 2 have been released on ZEE5. Strong suspense, gray-shaded characters, and awesome twists – this series has everything that makes a crime thriller great.

Sara (Rai Lakshmi), her husband Harsh (Zain Imam) and her brother Oscar (Vin Rana) are the owner of Josh team. The three business partners own a horse-racing team and their dream is to win the race course in an auction to be held in a few days. Here is the entry of Aditya (Aftab Shivdasani) who is a horseman and owns a racing team like Team Josh. After defeating Team Josh in a big race, Aditya offers partnership to Sara. Sara knows that this partnership will greatly increase her chances of winning the auction and she quickly accepts Aditya’s offer. At the same time, Harsh and Oscar suspect Aditya.

When Oscar begins to investigate Aditya, he is confronted with a secret that the ground under his feet slips. Actually, drug-trader Tony (Taher Shabbir) tells Oscar that he has already killed Aditya before four years. But how is this possible? If the real Aditya is dead then who is that person who claims himself as Aditya? Or Tony had a misunderstanding? This is just the beginning of the game. There are many such twists in Poison 2 that will force the viewers to scratch their heads.

Poison 2 has many things that you’ll like, and one of those is the casting of this season. All the actors, whether they are lead actors or supporting actors, have been greatly influenced by their performances. Aftab Shivdasani is well known for his chocolate-boy image and romantic films, but if you take a look at his career, it will be known that he has also played gray-shaded characters in many films. In Poison 2, Aftab has once again proved that he is a very versatile actor.

At the same time, Rai Laxmi played the role of Sara, who is a stubborn and ambitious girl. She too has added important marks to this role with her acting. Apart from this, Pooja Chopra, Rahul Dev, Vin Rana, Zain Imam, Asmita Sood, Gaurav Sharma, Taher Shabbir, Sakshi Pradhan, Joy Sengupta and Pawan Chopra have also played important roles in the series.

Poison 2 written by Rehan Khan and directed by Vishal Pandya is an excellent crime-thriller. Its story continuously moves two steps ahead of your thinking and till the end keeps you in its mysterious trap.

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