Food Choices Of Whole World Changed In ‘Corona Era’, No To Non-Veg, Yes To Spices

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Mumbai : World Food Day is being celebrated today all over the world. The choice of food around the world has changed during the Corona period. Previously, while the public was crazy about junk food, non-veg and packaged food, the fear of Corona has attracted the world to such food that enhances immunity. Let’s know what kind of food choices the world has accepted during the Corona era.

Balanced Diet
Corona targets only those whose immunity is weak. In such a situation, to avoid the havoc of Corona, the consumption of such food in the world was more that increased the immunity. and it can only be obtained through a balanced diet. Freshly cooked food was accepted and packaged food was avoided by people to keep themselves healthy.

No To Restaurant Food
The coronavirus lockdown had forced the shutdown of restaurants. People had to cook at home. Demand for food that keeps the body healthy increased, people who used to eat outside four times a week, such people were also seen eating fresh and pure food made at home.

Big No To Nonveg Food
People also avoided non veg food due to fear of Corona. Fearing Corona’s infection, the public made a distance from nonveg and leaned towards veg food. It was a great thing that in European countries also the public showed more interest in vegetarianism. Consumption of green fresh vegetables increased.

Accepted Ayurveda 
Public made the Ayurvedic method part of their food. Consumption of spices increased and the public tried to increase the immunity by consuming spices like cumin, parsley, garlic. The Indian Ministry of Ayush also appealed to the public to drink hot water, make a decoction of spices like garlic, ginger, cumin seed to strengthen the body and face the corona.

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