Pulses, Vegetables & Mustard Oil Rates Going High Before Festivals, Know What Is The Reason

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New Delhi : In the midst of the Corona crisis, rising prices of essential commodities can ruin the festivals for common people. In recent times, the prices of vegetables, pulses, edible oil, etc. have increased completely. Traders say that in the coming days, there is a possibility of a big jump in the price of fruits as Durga Puja / Navratri is near.

According to traders, there is currently no hope that prices of vegetables, edible oil and pulses go down. The reason for this is the huge difference between demand and supply right after unlock-5 is implemented. In the festive season, there is every possibility of a further rise in demand due to increase in demand.

Goods              Price on March 2, 2020             Price on October 13, 2020

Arhar (Tur) Dal            93                                                111
Mustard Oil                  124                                               142
Soya Oil                       117                                               122
Sunflower                     123                                               141
Palm Oil                       102                                               106
Potato                           23                                                  37
Onion                            38                                                  43
Tomato                          26                                                  45

Arhar (Tur) dal crossed 100 rupees
The ever-increasing prices of pulses with green vegetables, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, mustard oil have spoiled the kitchen budget. In the wholesale market, the price of arhar dal has crossed Rs 115 a kg. In many major cities including Delhi, the prices of pulses have increased by 15 to 20 rupees. Arhar dal price has risen by 20 per cent since last month. Apart from Arhar dal, moong and urad dal have also become costlier by 10 per cent.

Price will increase now
Rajendra Sharma, general secretary of Azadpur Mandi Potato-Onion Merchant Association (POMA) said that onions are currently available in the mandi for between Rs 25 to Rs 40, potatoes Rs 28 to Rs 40 and tomatoes between Rs 35 and Rs 40. He said that in recent times, potato, onion and tomato prices have increased rapidly and this can continue till the festive season. However, a big rise is not expected here as supply is increasing in the mandis with Unlock-5. This will help control the price.

Double difference in wholesale and retail rates
There is a double difference seen in the prices of essential commodities as it reaches to market from the retail market. Potatoes prices are currently Rs 40 to 50 per kg in retail. At the same time, the retail price of potato of special quality has also risen up to 60 rupees. The price of onion is currently Rs 60 a kg in retail. 

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