JEE Advanced : Another Chance For Students Who Could Not Give JEE Advanced-2020

New Delhi : Students who could not appear for JEE Advanced due to Coronavirus will be given a third chance. This major decision was taken in a meeting of the Joint Admission Board (JAB) on Tuesday. Students selected in JEE Advanced will be able to participate in JEE Advanced for the year 2021.  

The important JAB meeting was called on Tuesday. It was decided that students who would not be able to participate in JEE Advanced due to Coronavirus, should be given an additional chance. This opportunity will be given to those students who had registered in JEE Advanced -2020. These students will not have to participate in JEE Main-2021.

IIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao said that students who could not participate in JEE Advanced because of Corona would be given a chance to participate in JEE Advanced-2021.

After the JAB meeting, students have also started opposing the decision. The students gave their sharp reactions on social media to IIT Director Ramgopal Rao. Students say that all students should get additional opportunities. Why only absentee students have been given a chance. The students argued that they could not prepare well because of Corona. There was also the danger of flooding in many states.

For the first time in the history of IITs, nearly one lakh students selected from JEE-Main did not appear for JEE-Advanced examination this year. If we look at the figures from 2016 till now, this happened for the first time, even after being selected, the students did not sit in the examination. Students also campaigned to postpone the exam on social media.

Year      JEE Advanced Students Registered2020     2.50 Lakh 1.60 Lakh2019     2.45 Lakh 1.73 Lakh2018     2.31 Lakh 1.65 Lakh2017     2.21 Lakh 1.72 Lakh2016     1.98 Lakh 1.51 Lakh

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