Non Bulletproof Truck For Soldiers & 8400 Crore’s Ship For PM! : Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : Congress MP Rahul Gandhi does not miss any opportunity to attack the ruling Modi government at the Center, in the latest case, Rahul Gandhi shared a video on Twitter targeting PM Modi, in this video it is seen that some army soldiers are allegedly sitting in a truck and talking among themselves.

Rahul Gandhi wrote with the video, our soldiers are being sent to martyrs in non-bullet proof trucks and 8400 crore aircraft for PM! Is this justice? ‘

According to this video, a jawan says they are being transported to be martyred in a non-bulletproof vehicle, messing with their lives…

Earlier on Friday, Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet, “The real threat to India is not that our Prime Minister does not understand, the fact is that no one around him has the courage to tell him.”

Piyush Goyal gave a befitting reply to this comment of Rahul Gandhi
On this matter, Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal had responded to Rahul Gandhi’s comment, Goyal said, “No one around Rahul Gandhi has the courage to tell him that he doesn’t understand anything. When the CEO of the world’s leading company has supported the idea of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he is making fun of him.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi while sharing a part of his conversation with the Prime Minister of Denmark, in which Modi was talking about creating clean drinking water by absorbing water from the air through a wind energy turbine

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