Flipkart In Trouble After It Tells Customer ‘Nagaland Is Outside India’

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Mumbai : E-commerce company Flipkart has been heavily trolled after it said ‘Nagaland is not the part of India’. On the social media handle of the company, it was said on the needs of a Nagaland customer that we do not deliver outside India.

According to the Dimapur Today report, the customer is a resident of Nagaland and asked Flipkart on Facebook why you do not deliver in Nagaland. You should treat all states equally. In response to which Flipkart said that we do not deliver outside India.

However, as soon as Flipkart realized the mistake, it immediately apologized to the users. In its next comment, Flipkart said that ‘Due to negligence, this mistake has been done and the company apologizes for it. We strive to serve all over the country including Nagaland. We are happy to join you and provide the currently available options.’

Flipkart apologized to the users, but the users have shared their comments on social media. Since then, the company’s problems have increased. Many users are demanding strict action against the company.

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