Risk Of COVID19 Is Higher In Less Ventilated Houses, Here’re 3 Measures To Improve Air Quality

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New Delhi : New cases of Coronavirus are making new records every day. Since the number of corona patients has increased, serious patients are being admitted to the hospital, while patients are now being advised to quarantine at home after getting the initial symptoms.

In such a situation, if there is a corona patient present at home, then the risk of corona increases among other family members. Scientists doing research on corona say that corona patients living at home have increased risk of spreading infection to other family members even if they are following social distancing.

According to the new guidelines of the US Health Agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronavirus can also be spread by small particles of virus moving in the air. Poor ventilation is the reason for spreading the virus in this way. This is the reason that many scientists have claimed that to avoid corona, the outside environment is better than home. Scientists say that when it has been discovered that small droplets and particles from the mouth are infecting others, poor ventilation of the house can increase the risk even more.

Let’s know about the 3 ways that air quality can be improved –
Scientists say that it can be beneficial to keep the windows open a little at night while sleeping. This will improve the quality of the air inside the room throughout the night and reduce the humidity. In summer, this method will reduce the humidity, but in winter there is a need to be a little cautious about this.

In order to improve the ventilation of the house, many types of fans have also come on the market today. Ventilator, exhaust fan can be a better solution. This helps in removing the moisture and bad air inside the house. Along with this, especially the exhaust fan should be applied in the bathroom and kitchen.

You can use plants to fight the bad air inside the house. Plants kept inside the room can prove to be very helpful in improving the quality of air. These plants will also reduce carbon dioxide levels, harmful toxins indoors. With this, if you can install air purifiers, then it can prove to be the best solution.

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