COVID19 : A Dead Baby Will Born In Every 16 Second If The Infection Rate Increases, Warns WHO

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New Delhi : The World Health Organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and their allied organizations have warned about the growing infection of the coronavirus. These organizations have said that the risk for pregnant women and their pregnancies has increased due to coronavirus. The WHO informed that if the coronavirus disease increases more, a dead child would be born every 16 seconds.

Apart from this, the organization says that every year more than 20 lakh stillbirth cases will come up. The death of an infant during the birth or delivery of a dead baby after 28 weeks of conception is called Stillbirth.

The WHO report states that most cases of stillbirth are reported from developing countries. The World Health Organization said in a report that 2 million babies are born dead every year. Apart from this, UNICEF executive director Henrietta Fore said that if the corona cases continue to grow like this, then every 16 seconds, some women may face this condition.

She said professional doctors, better monitoring and good prenatal care are needed to prevent such cases. The report states that health services have fallen by 50% due to infection, so next year more than 2 million stillbirth cases could be seen in 117 developing countries.

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