Security Forces Can Purchase ‘Made in India’ Carbine To Meet Immediate Requirements

New Delhi : In view of the ongoing tension with China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, the security forces may purchase ‘Made in India’ carbines to meet their immediate requirements.

This idea is being considered after the import proposal of the carbine was not successful. The carbine is an important weapon of the army. It is used in close combat. The army has been churning out the carbine deal for a long time.

A government source said that a proposal for a carbine manufactured by the Ordnance Factory Board at Ishapore in West Bengal has been sent to the security forces. The security forces are considering to purchase this carbine. Officers involved in arms procurement for the three armed forces have also conducted preliminary tests.

The idea of purchasing country-made carbines was created after the fact that security forces would not buy carbons from other countries as only a few select countries export them and that too in very limited quantities.

Also, the issue of purchase of carbines from abroad has been stuck for the last two years as the matter was referred to a high-powered committee under the NDA-I government to take a decision on it by the Defense Acquisition Council.

The security forces required some 3.50 lakh carbines but wanted to import 94,000 carbines soon. If the ‘Made in India’ carbine is selected, the Ordnance Factory Board carbine will have to undergo rigorous testing and will initially be procured in limited quantities.

Attempts to acquire the CQB carbine have not been successful since 2008. The first consignment of the carbine purchase will be given to the troops stationed on the Chinese front. The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the purchase of the second batch of Sig Sauer rifles. These will also be provided to the troops deployed along the China border.

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