Balrampur Gangrape : 10 Injury Marks On Victim’s Body, Cause Of Death Brain Hemorrhage & Shock

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New Delhi : The post-mortem report has come two days after the gang rape of a 22-year-old Dalit girl in Gasdi village of Balrampur. The postmortem report has found 10 marks of injury on the woman’s body. The postmortem report found eight wounds with scratches on the victim’s cheek, chest, elbow, left thigh and her left leg and knee.

According to the report, the victim died due to intestine, liver burst and shock. Victim of Gang Rape and cruelty had got severe injury to the intestine and liver, due to which she got severe bleeding and died. Brain hemorrhage and shock have also been reported to cause death.

However, the doctors who did the postmortem have not given any opinion regarding sexual violence. In the report, it has been said that clotting has been found in victim’s private parts. Vaginal swab samples have been taken for the test.

On Tuesday, two men abducted and raped the victim in Gansdi Bazar of Balrampur, after which the woman died. Two accused Shahid and Sahil have been arrested in this case.

The victim’s brother had lodged a complaint that the girl had left the house for work at 10 am, when she did not return home till 4 pm, he tried to call her sister on mobile, but he did not get any response. The complaint said that the accused Shahid and Sahil abducted the woman and then gang-raped her, sending her home in a rickshaw when her condition worsened.

This is the second kind of major incident in Balrampur after Hathras. The Dalit has been allegedly gangraped. In this entire case, the police say that the woman returned home from her work in a rickshaw with a glucose drip in her hand. After this, her family members were taking her to the hospital, but she died on the way. Suspicious accused have been arrested. Further investigation is being done.

According to the Balrampur police, Gansdi residents Shahid and Sahil have been arrested for calling and raping the girl on the pretext of friendship. According to the police, both of them admitted the girl to the hospital in critical condition after carrying out the rape incident. Then later, they sent her home in an autorickshaw, after which she died. On getting the information, the police arrested both the accused.

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