Anurag Kashyap Refuses To Sexual Abuse Allegations, Gives Concrete Evidences!

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Mumbai : The Versova police on Thursday recorded Anurag Kashyap’s statement after the film actress Payal Ghosh accused him of sexual abuse. Anurag left the police station after a long interrogation of about 8 hours.

On the sexual abuse allegations leveled against him, Anurag Kashyap provided the documental evidence to investigating officer of the Versova police that he was in Sri Lanka in reference to a film in August 2013. Anurag said that between August and September 2013, he was in Sri Lanka, Myanmar. Anurag has provided all the evidence of his visit to Sri Lanka, in which the air tickets and the documents of immigration have been submitted.

According to Versova Police sources, Anurag Kashyap while answering the police’s questioning, dismissed all the allegations leveled against him. Anurag told the police that, I only know Payal Ghosh in professional capacity. I have not had any interaction or meeting with Payal for a long time. I did not meet her at my home in Versova, nor did I ever sexually abuse her.

Anurag Kashyap told me that, I myself was shocked when I came to know that Payal has made such allegations against me. All these allegations are false and baseless, there is absolutely no truth in this. This is probably a conspiracy inspired complaint against me and I am completely innocent in this case.

In a statement to the Versova police, Anurag has also ruled out of taking drugs. Anurag said that he only smokes cigarettes. The police are going to call Anurag again for questioning. Also, the police have also asked to present additional evidence of being abroad in August and September 2013.

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