Most Of The Drugs Come From Pakistan In India, Revealed By 872 Convicted Drug Peddlers

New Delhi : A survey amidst the ongoing investigation of drug syndicates in the film industry revealed that most of the drugs reach India from Pakistan. Nearly 84% of the 872 drug peddlers convicted under the NDPS Act in Punjab, Gujarat and Delhi surveyed believe that drugs in India come from neighboring countries, especially from Pakistan.

5.05 percent of peddlers said that drugs come from Nepal, while 4.24 percent of peddlers said that drugs also come from Afghanistan to India. Whereas 2.52 per cent said that they operate drug business from Bangladesh. At the same time, 2.06 percent of peddlers said that drugs are also smuggled from Sri Lanka to India. Pubs and bars are the easiest platform to supply drugs in India. Drugs are also supplied in restaurants, hotels, colleges and universities, drug rehabilitation centers and schools. They earn 1000 times profits from this business.

Paddlers said that the latest songs provoke youngsters to take drugs. 79.36 percent of peddlers admitted that the trend of taking drugs among the youth is also increasing due to the films that glorify the drugs.

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