ATS Arrests Main Accused Of Bengaluru Serial Bomb Blast After 12 Years

Bangalore : The fugitive accused of the 2008 serial bomb blast in Bengaluru has been arrested by ATS team of Bangalore police after 12 years. After the blast, the accused went abroad and was hiding since then. But intelligence agencies found him last year and as soon as he returned to the country, he was arrested from Thiruvananthapuram Airport.

Shoaib had been hiding from police for the last 12 years but was finally arrested at Thiruvananthapuram Airport on Monday as soon as he returned from Dubai. Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner Crime Bangalore Police said, “An accused who played a key role in the serial blast had fled abroad after the blast in 2008. Last year, we came to know from the central agency where he was.”

In 2008, terrorists carried out serial blasts at 10 places, including the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, in which a woman was killed and several people were injured. In this case, 32 accused were identified, out of which 22 were arrested. Currently, with the arrest of Shoaib, the total number of accused arrested in the case has been 23.

Police say that Shoaib’s role in the Bengaluru serial blast is very important. The police will also take the accused person in remand to investigate whether he was also involved in the Ahmedabad and Jaipur serial blasts or not. Shoaib is accused of planning the serial blast in Bangalore in 2008 as well as providing the terrorists with guns, gunpowder and accommodation. Along with this, he is also accused of helping the terrorists for escape.

Significantly, twelve years ago, the first blast took place in Bangalore at half past one in the afternoon of 25 July 2008. This was followed by six bomb blasts in different parts of the city. There were a total of 7 blasts that day. Eighth blast was thwarted. A live bomb was defused in Koramangala that day. The blasts were carried out by remote devices.

The case is 12 years old and Shoaib has been hiding from the police since then. He had fled abroad and now when he was trying to enter India, he was arrested by the police.

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