US Company Novavax Signs Agreement With Serum Institute, Will Manufacture 2 Billion Corona Vaccine For India

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New Delhi: The US company, Novavax, in collaboration with Serum Institute of India, will produce 2 billion doses of the Corona vaccine in a year. In August, Novavax signed a deal with the Serum Institute. The company will now also manufacture the vaccine’s antigen component, called NVX ‑ CoV2373, under an expanded agreement. Novavax said that by mid-2021, manufacturing capacity will be increased to more than 2 billion doses. Novavax’s vaccine is currently in mid-stage trial. A press release issued by Novavax Inc. stated that the Serum Institute of India will manufacture 2 billion doses of NVX ‑ CoV2373 in 2021.

In August, Novavax signed an agreement with Serum Institute of India. Novavax had signed an agreement with Serum Institute, the world’s largest producer of vaccines, to produce 2 billion doses. Now in view of the expanded agreement, the Serum Institute will also manufacture the antigen component of the vaccine. Vaccine testing of the American company Novavax is in the mid stage. In the first trial of the vaccine, it has been found that it produces high levels of antibodies against the coronavirus in the body.

It was already revealed in July that the British government had already reserved 60 million doses of Walneva’s inactivated SARS-COV 2 vaccine. The firm said that it expects to begin testing the two-dose vaccine in December and is likely to be available in the second half of 2021 if successful.

Novavax says that its Corona vaccine NVX ‑ CoV2373 is completely stable. According to the company, vaccines can be kept between 2 ° to 8 ° in liquid formulations. Before this, cold chain management can be done easily only in the existing infrastructure.

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