Be Careful Gamers! Personal Information Of Over 1 lakh Users ‘Accidentally’ Leaked By Razer

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Mumbai : More than 1 lakh gamers’ personal information has been accidentally leaked by gaming hardware vendor Razer, which was available for about a month. Security researcher Volodymyr Diachenko first noticed that customer data was publicly disclosed on Razor’s website on August 18, though this was due to a server misconfiguration. When the security researchers came to know about this, they contacted the company and informed them about the misconfiguration.

Customer data disclosed on Razor’s website had records of orders made on the company’s digital store. In which personal information including email and mailing address, type of product ordered and customer phone number is present. It is a relief that the credit card details of the customers were not available in this.

The gaming hardware manufacturer acknowledged the server malfunctions in a statement and said the data leaks potentially revealed personal information such as customers’ full names, phone numbers and shipping addresses. Razor says that no other sensitive data has been leaked.

It is noteworthy that hackers can detect sensitive information of customers using leaked personal details. However, the company fixed the mess on 9 September. Razor has said that customers who have any questions about the leak can go to [email protected].

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