Modi said the toy industry has an important role to play in a self-reliant India

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the Mann Ki Baat program for the 68th time today. At the time of the non-cooperation movement, Gandhiji said that this is a movement to instill confidence in Indians. Self-reliant India is a similar movement.

Important points of Prime Minister Modi’s speech ..

Take care of nutrition in eating and drinking: Our children here can show their full potential, nutrition also plays an important role in this. Being told. Like food, so is the mind. It is necessary for the unborn child that the mother also gets the necessary nutrients. It is not necessary to know how much to eat, but whether you are getting the right amount of vitamin-protein from it.
Awareness is being generated from Nutrition Week, Nutrition Month. Just as there is a class monitor, there should be a nutrition monitor. Nutrition card is also made like ration card. Trying for it.
How children’s time is passing: Now is the time for computer games. Most of the themes are Indian. The toy industry has a key role to play in a self-reliant India.
Now the center of attraction of children is toys, not games. Expensive toys have nothing to do with learning. How children’s time is passing: Toys for children are also stated in the National Education Policy. The global toy industry is worth Rs 7 lakh crore, but India’s share is very small.
The message of the environment in the festival: If the festival has the message of the environment then many festivals are celebrated for the environment. The Tharu community of Bihar has made nature a part of life. The 60-day festival celebrates Barna. No one is going anywhere.
Meanwhile, Onam is also being celebrated. Dhoom is like abroad. This is a festival associated with farmers. Greenery is seen in the colors of farmers in our festivals. These things are not said in the Vedas. It is said in the Rig Veda- There is bowing to Annadata.
Saluted the bravery of the jawans last month
In a keynote address last month, Modi recalled the 21st anniversary of the Kargil war and the Indian soldiers who lost their lives in the war. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan had tried to hit India in the back. The enemy was sitting on the mountain, but the victory came to the Indian army with passion and true heroism.

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