Agencies investigating 29–29 connections in IED blast outside the Israeli embassy

New Delhi : An investigation into how and who carried out the blast outside Israeli embassy is on. So far the police have not got any clue. In an initial investigation, it is feared that the IED was hidden in a flower pot. However, no firm information has yet been received about whether it was already kept here or else someone kept it here and ran away. At the same time, 29-29 connection is also under watch as Friday was the 29th anniversary of Indo-Israel diplomatic relations.

The team involved in the investigation of the blast case is ascertaining whether the bomb was pressed under the soil. In fact, after looking at the site of the incident, the investigative team felt that the bomb was pressed in a pot under soil and a piece of plywood was placed on top of it.

However, no statement has been revealed on this. But according to sources, investigations are being done from every angle, it seems that the bomb was kept in an intention that if someone comes for a walk, then he would have fallen victim to it. It is also feared that recce may have been done for this. However, the investigation is at a preliminary stage, so no statement is coming in this regard.

Investigative agencies are scanning footage of more than 50 CCTV cameras installed around the scene to identify those involved in the blast. Apart from investigating some numbers, some suspects are also being questioned.

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