Must try these Google fun tricks which will make your browsing experience fun

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Mumbai : We use Google the most while using the Internet. If we want to search anything, we immediately search on Google. You get complete information about the country and the world in one click. Everything from news to destination to food recipe to festival, everything is found on Google. But do you know some of Google’s fun tricks? With these tricks, the experience of searching on Google will be very fun. Today we are telling you about 5 such fun tricks related to Google. Let’s know…

1. Google Gravity- This trick of Google is very fun, if you want to see Google’s Gravity, then you must try it. To use it, you have to go to Google’s home page and type Google Gravity. Now tap on the feeling lucky button given here. By doing this, Google’s page will fall down. All search icons of Google will also turn upside down.

2. Barrel Roll- If you are searching on Google and if you are bored and want to do something fun then type do a barrel roll on Google. Now as soon as you click on the search button, Google’s page will automatically rotate twice. If you want, you can also roll it 2, 10, 20 and 100 times. This is a very fun trick to overcome boredom.

3. Zerg Rush- This is another fun trick of Google. To use it, type zerg rush on Google. Now click on I’m feeling feeling lucky option below. Now a Google page will open in front of you and gradually some O will appear. These O will fall from top to bottom and will make Google listings disappear.

4. Askew- Have you tried this trick? Otherwise, we tell you that after typing Askew on Google and clicking on the search button, you will see Google page slightly twisted.

5. Thanos- This is a very fun trick for the fans of Marvel. For this trick, you have to go to Google page and type Thanos. Now you will see the Gauntlet icon under Biography on the right side. Clicking it will cause Google listings to disappear. This is a very interesting trick.

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