Real Life Mowgli! Lives with wild animals, Not human food but eats grass to stay alive!

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Mumbai : You must have heard about Mowgli. Mowgli had lived with animals in the forest since childhood. He played with animals, behaved just like them. After all, he was just like them. Now, in 2020, another Mowgli has been found. Photos of 21-year-old Eli have now gone viral on social media. Eli, who lives in Ranwada, South Africa, prefers to be with wild animals than humans. He lives on trees and eats banana-grass. Eli’s mother considers him a special child. At the same time, Eli’s mother says that her son is different. But that’s what makes him special.

Eli, a 21-year-old man living in a Rwandan village in Africa, was not like other children since childhood. He used to spend much time in the forest and living with different animals.

Eli can’t speak. Also, he does not eat home-made meals. He doesn’t like food made by his mother. Nor does he talk to his family.

He prefers to eat forest fruits and grass instead of eating his mother’s food. Eli’s mother considers him a gift from God.

Eli’s mother had five children. None of them could live long after birth. Many years later, Eli was born and he was a special child.

From an early age, Eli had difficulty understanding things. This prevented him from going to school. At the same time, he lived far away from the villagers.

The villagers call Eli a monkey. Children of his age make fun of him. But Eli’s mother is very proud of him.

Eli’s mother says her son is innocent. He does not understand worldliness.

His mother keeps an eye on him so that he does not get lost in the forest and brought back home. Villagers say Eli runs faster than Usain Bolt. In a second he escapes into the forest. So, it usually becomes difficult for his mother to keep an eye on him.

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