Oxford Vaccine : Questions on 90% effectiveness of AstraZeneca, Trial to be repeated

London : A number of questions have arisen about the vaccine of Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Meanwhile, the company’s CEO Pascal Soriot has announced that he is considering additional trials of vaccines worldwide. However, he has also made it clear that this trial will be different from the ongoing trials and on fewer people, so that the results can be revealed at the earliest. The whole world is suffering from corona infection at the moment with a lot of hope from AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

The company claimed that giving half the dose of the vaccine proved more effective, since then there have been constant questions about the vaccine. The pharmaceutical company and partner Oxford University did not initially reveal the shortcomings and other information, leading to questions on the transparency of the vaccine.

CEO Pascal

Soriot said that if we have recorded the proper efficacy of the vaccine, then we have to validate it. For this, we have to do another trial. This trial will also be at international level, but it is expected to take less time because we know the effectiveness of the vaccine so we will need less number of patients.

The trial of the vaccine led to AstraZeneca and Oxford confessing that there was an error in the vaccine dose, leading to 90 percent effectiveness. Thereafter, questions are arising over the data related to the effect of the vaccine. Scientists believe that people have lost faith in the vaccine’s impact after a company error.

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