Indians top in the survey of most corrupt people, Uses personal contacts for their benefit

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New Delhi : India has the most number of corrupt people in the world, this has been claimed in a survey by Transparency International. According to this survey, the rate of bribery in India is 39 percent. According to the survey, 47 percent of the people believe that corruption has increased in the last 12 months.

However, 63 percent believe that the government is taking appropriate steps to tackle corruption. The survey shows that 46 per cent of people in India take advantage of personal contacts to get their work done. The report says that about half of the bribes have been asked for bribes, while 32 per cent of those using personal contacts say they would not have worked if they had not done so.

Cambodia at number two
Cambodia is second after India, with 37 percent of people paying bribes. After this, Indonesia is third with corruption rate being 30 percent.

Lowest in Maldives and Japan
On the other hand, the rate of corruption in Maldives and Japan is the lowest when it comes to countries with the lowest corruption rates. Only two percent of the people in these two countries do this.

Pakistan not included in the survey
Talking about the situation in South Korea, the rate of corruption here is 10 percent and in Nepal only 12 percent of people commit corruption. However, Pakistan has not been included in this survey.

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