What if India again enters the lockdown phase? What will be its effect?

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New Delhi : The second wave of the Covid19 pandemic has started in many parts of the country. At the same time, Delhi is going through the third stage of corona infection. Discussions of lockdown have intensified once again amid increasing cases of infection.

Meanwhile, in some places like Ahmedabad, the administration has imposed restrictions and partial curfew. However, during the last few weeks, pictures of crowding have been surfacing from the markets, in which the rules of social distancing have been seen to be broken.

This has increased the risk of a rapid spread of corona infection. In such a situation, the question arises that what will happen if the country once again goes under lockdown?

Crowds in markets increased, but shopping was less –
Even after the passing of Diwali, there is a lot of crowd in the markets, but the effect of this has not yet been seen on shopping. If you look at the data of Google Mobility Trend, the market is still not able to reach the level of purchase which was before Covid. This was compared to data from January 3 to February 6, 2020, and five weeks from November 17 after lockdown.

On Diwali, evening shopping was at its peak, but it was 17 percent lower than the five-week figures from January to February. In fact, after the lockdown, the purchase of pharmacy and groceries increased significantly, but the situation in other sectors continued to deteriorate.

Crisis on Jobs –
After the lockdown of 25 March in the country, there was a crisis in jobs in many sectors. During that time, thousands of people had to lose their jobs. In such a situation, if there is a lockdown again in the country, then the situation can become much worse.

Many sectors will be destroyed –
Given the increasing cases of Corona, if there is a new lockdown in the country, then many sectors will get destroyed which have not been recovered so far. In such a situation, if demand and supply are affected, it will directly affect the economy. Also, the accounting of people’s income and expenditure will be disturbed.

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