Coronavirus : PM Narendra Modi appeals for more alertness after meeting with CMs

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New Delhi : PM Modi has once again warned about Coronavirus infection, saying that the country has come out of the deep sea of disaster and is moving towards the shore. Pointing to the vaccine, PM Modi said that now we have to be more aware than before.

PM Modi, referring to the war against Corona so far, said, “We have come out of the deep sea of disaster. The world believed that India would not be able to recover. Coming out of the deep sea of disaster, we are heading towards the shore. In countries where corona was decreasing, infection is spreading rapidly. This trend is also worrying in many states of our country. So we all have to be more aware than before.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon all Chief Ministers to share in writing the feedback on the Covid-19 strategy, saying that no one can impose their views and all have to work together. Modi told the Chief Ministers, “Efforts are being made to supply sufficient oxygen in medical colleges and district hospitals, the PM Cares fund was used to supply ventilators.”

PM Modi said that some people have got a careless attitude in dealing with Covid-19, we will have to work to spread awareness again. The Prime Minister asked the Chief Ministers to work to bring the infection rate down to less than five percent and death rate below one percent, and also asked for increasing RT-PCR checks.

The Prime Minister asked the states to set up a task force or steering committee at the district or block level to prepare for the Covid-19 vaccination program. The PM said that our priority is to make the vaccine available to all. States should provide all necessary facilities including cold storage.

PM Modi discussed the different phases of the war against Corona and said that there was a time when the challenge before us was to fight with unknown strength. The country faced this challenge. Today, India is in a stable position in cases of recovery and mortality. A large network from testing to treatment is working. The emphasis is on increasing oxygen and ventilators through PM Cares.

The PM said that the country has extensive data and experience of 8–10 months dealing with Corona. During Corona, the behavior of the people of India has also been different at different stages. At first people were scared and reacted in the same way. People also committed suicide. In the second phase, people suspected each other. Many began to hide the infection. In the third phase, people started to understand it and started explaining it to others. People became serious. We reached the fourth stage, when the rate of recovery from corona increased, people felt that this virus has become weak. Hence the negligence increased. That’s why I said in the beginning of festivals that don’t be relaxed. We have to make people aware again.

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